Dakhil Routine 2020 Madrasah Education Board

Looking for Dakhil Exam Routine 2020? You may be in a bit hesitation that has it been published yet or not! The answer is “YES”. It has been recently confirmed by the Madrasah Education Board that the Dakhil Exam 2020 will go to take place on February 01, 2020, on their official website ebmeb.gov.bd and bmeb.gov.bd. So, don’t worry about the schedule and routine of the Dakhil Exam 2020. We are going to provide you the Dakhil Routine 2020 here as same as it is on the original website along with discussing the rules and regulations of the Dakhil Examination in brief.

This part is being written for those who know very little about the word “Dakhil”. Dakhil Examination is as same as a Secondary School Certificate Examination which we call S.S.C Exam in short. Both are equivalent to each other. Even both the exam S.S.C and Dakhil will be started on the same day. The difference is the students who will take part in the Dakhil Exam 2020 are registered by the Madrasah Education Board and the S.S.C candidates are by the General Education Board.

Like Madrasah Students, there are thousands of students from Bangladesh Open University (B.O.U) and Bangladesh Technical Education Board (B.T.E.B) will also take part in this S.S.C Examination. Though their routines are a little bit different from the General Education Board S.S.C Routine. We will discuss it in another article. Let’s talk about Dakhil Routine 2020.

When Dakhil Exam will start?

It has been decided by the authority of the Madrasah Education Board that this year Dakhil Examination will be held on the 1st February 2020 along with the S.S.C Exam 2020 as it happened in the past. We can confirm that there is no chances available to change the schedule. But if there comes any change, we will update without wasting a moment. You can allow the notification button if you are interested to get notified instantly.

Dakhil Exam Schedule 2020 Overview

In this paragraph, you will get a short overview of the schedule of Dakhil Exam 2020:

  • Beginning Date of Written Exam: February 01, 2020
  • Ending date of Written Exam: February 25, 2020
  • Beginning Date of Practical Exam: March 3, 2020
  • Ending date of Practical Exam:  March 09, 2020

Dakhil Exam Routine 2020 Download

Here we have attached an image of Dakhil Exam Routine 2020 in the below which is in JPEG format. You can download the image by clicking the right button on the image and selecting the “save as image”. Isn’t that so easy? But if you are thinking about printing the routine and stick it on your wall then we will suggest you to download the PDF version which will be able to provide you the better image quality. We have attached the Dakhil Exam Routine 2020 PDF in the very next paragraph of this article.

Dakhil Routine 2020 First Page
Dakhil Routine 2020 First Page

Dakhil Routine 2020 PDF Free Download

Your wait is over. Here we have provided the PDF version of Dakhil Routine 2020. You can download this PDF if you want. All you have to do is a simple click on the Download Button given below.

Instructions for Dakhil Examination Candidates

According to the Madrasah Education Board, there are some instructions for all the students who are going to take part in the Dakhil Exam 2020. Let’s have a look on those vital instructions:

  • If you are a candidate then you have to arrive at your exam hall and take your seat minimum 30 minutes before the examination begins.
  • You will find the exam duration mentioned in the question paper.
  • You have to answer Multiple Choice Questions before you answer the written part in that exam and you will get no break between those two exams.
  • Don’t forget to fill up the O.M.R form correctly. Fill the circles of Roll Number, Registration Number and Subject Code etc very carefully.
  • Never try to FOLD the Answer Sheet even by mistake.
  • You are not allowed to bring any electronic device except normal Scientific Calculator and Analog Watch there.
  • An attendance sheet will be provided to collect your signature on every individual exam.
  • You will have to pass in all the three part of an exam (Theory, Multiple Choice Questions and Practical) individually.
  • Practical exams will be held in your own institution from where you belong as a student.

Warning: Never ever dare to carry a Smartphone or a Mobile Phone with you in exam hall. You might get suspended.

Dakhil Exam Instructions
Dakhil Exam Instructions

Dakhil Registration Card Distribution

The distribution process of Dakhil Registration Card has been started from the first week of the month of December, 2019. The announcement of Registration Card distribution of Dakhil Examination 2020 had been declared on 4th December, 2019 through an official notice on the website of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, Dhaka. You will have to collect yours from your institution from where you are taking part in this Examination as their declaration.

Registration Card Distribution
Registration Card Distribution

When will Dakhil Exam Result be published?

This is a common scenario of every student that after finishing the exam, we cannot sleep well before we get the result. Our heart beat goes higher and higher. Only one question flies like a bee in our mind is “when will the result be published?”

Though we don’t have the authority to declare the result date right now, we can give you a hint about the publishing date of Dakhil’s result 2020 according to our past experience. Most of the time, it takes two months or 60 days after accomplishing the Dakhil examination. We think you are intelligent enough to calculate a feasible date of the Dakhil Exam Result 2020 after getting this hint. But if you are not, don’t worry. We will keep updating our post to make you informed about every single thing of the Dakhil Exam 2020. Stay with us.

If you have any questions or queries to ask, feel free to comment below and if you think this post was beneficent for you, never hesitate to share it with your friends who are also a candidate like you. Thank you so much.

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