Dhaka University (DU) Admission Circular 2024-25

Updated: Apr 18, 2024

The Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024-25 has just been released. It's your chance to start applying, as the process kicks off on December 18, 2024, and you have until December 5, 2024, to submit your application. Mark your calendars for the admission test on February 23, 2024. Stay tuned to this blog post, where we'll walk you through every detail of getting into Dhaka University Admission. !

DU Admission Circular 2024-25

In the following section, we have provided comprehensive information regarding the Dhaka University admission circular for the year 2024-25. Here, you will find key dates, the application process, and a list of subjects along with available seat numbers. We hope this information proves to be helpful for you.

DU Admission Important Dates

If you're planning to take the Dhaka University admission tests, it's important to know the important dates. Here they are:

  • Admission circular published: December 18, 2024
  • Online application process begins: December 18, 2024
  • Online application process ends: January 5, 2024
  • Admission test held: February 23, 2024

Apply for DU Admission Online 2024-25

Applying to Dhaka University? Here are the eight steps to complete your online application:

1. Registration Process

  • Go to Dhaka University Admission Website.
  • Click on the login button to start.

2. HSC and SSC Information

  • On the login page, enter your HSC Roll number, Education Board name, HSC passing year, and SSC Roll number.
  • After filling this out, click 'Submit'.

3. Verify Educational Information

  • Check the information you provided.
  • It shows your parents' names, date of birth, and eligible units.
  • If correct, click 'Confirm'.

4. Provide Necessary Information

  • Fill in details like exam version (English or Bangla), preferred language for the admission test, current address, mobile number, and parents' NID Card numbers.
  • Then click 'Next'.

5. Quota Information

  • If applying under a quota, provide the required documents.

6. Image Upload

  • Upload your photo (size: 540x720 pixels height, 360x540 pixels width).
  • After uploading, click 'Next'.

7. Temporary Password Collection

  • You'll receive a code number. Send this via SMS using any Bangladeshi mobile operator.
  • You'll get a temporary password in reply.

8. Complete the Registration

  • Enter the temporary password in the password box.
  • Click 'Complete' to finish your registration.

Make sure to follow these steps carefully for a successful application! After Completing the registration, you need to pay the application fees

Application and Payment

To apply at Dhaka University, you'll need to follow a straightforward process. Start by revisiting the Dhaka University Admission Website. Once there, log in using your HSC and SSC roll numbers.

After logging in, you'll be presented with a list of units that you're eligible to apply for. Select the unit you're interested in, and then you'll be directed to the payment options. For payment, you have two choices: you can either opt for a payslip associated with bank payments, You can use the SSLCommerz Payment Gateway for an online transaction. Completing these steps for each unit you're interested in is essential, as each unit requires a separate application and payment

Dhaka University Admission Requirements 2024-25

Dhaka University is one of the most respected universities in Bangladesh, and admission is highly competitive. To be eligible for admission in 2024, applicants must meet the following general requirements:

  • You must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent examination in 2023.
  • You must have passed the secondary or equivalent examination between 2018 and 2021.
  • You must meet the minimum GPA requirements for the unit you are applying to.

The minimum GPA requirements for each unit are as follows:

  • KA-Unit (Science and Agriculture): 8.00 total, 3.50 in HSC, 3.50 in SSC
  • KHA-Unit (Humanities): 7.50 total, 3.00 in HSC, 3.00 in SSC
  • GA Unit (BBA): 7.50 total, 3.50 in HSC, 3.50 in SSC
  • GHA-Unit (Social Sciences): Varies depending on group, but must meet the minimum GPA requirements for the group you are applying to.
  • CHA-Unit (Fine Arts): 7.00 total, 3.50 in HSC

You can apply for more than one unit when filling out the admission form. However, each unit has separate qualifications for application, and therefore, you must apply separately for each unit.

For more information on the Dhaka University admission process, please visit the official website: https://admission.eis.du.ac.bd

DU Admission Circular Download

In this section, we've given you detailed information about the Dhaka University admission process. Plus, there's a PDF link for you to download. With this link, you can get the circular for each specific unit you're interested in. Just download the circular for the unit you want to know more about and check all the details inside. This way, you'll have all the information you need right at your fingertips!