GST Admission Circular 2023-24 with Application Process

Updated: May 02, 2024

GST Admission circular 2023-24 has been published recently. It's a Universities Integrated Admission System or a cluster admission test system. In this system 24 public universities are conducting their admission test in a cluster system. They made different groups -such as general universities, one for engineering universities etc. Students will take only one admission test only. This article will explain how you can apply and other important details about the GST admission process.

GST Admission Circular 2023-24

The GST system is a cluster admission test system for 24 universities in Bangladesh. It groups these universities into different categories, which are general and engineering groups. Students only need to take one exam for the admission test. This is what the GST system is all about.

GST Admission Test Requirements for Every Unit

For GST admission in Bangladesh, there are three units, and each has different requirements. These units are:

  • Unit A (Science): This is for students who want to study science-related subjects.
  • Unit B (Arts): This is for students interested in arts and humanities.
  • Unit C (Commerce): This is for students who want to focus on commerce and business studies.

Each unit's admission test is different. Students must take the exam for the unit that matches the subject they want to study. The article will give more details about what you need for each unit's admission.

General Requirement for all GST units

  • Completed SSC/equivalent exams in 2019, 2020 or 2021.
  • Completed HSC/equivalent exams in 2022 or 2023

Unit A (Science):

  • Only students who studied science in their HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) can apply for this unit.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.50 (including optional subjects) in both SSC and HSC exams.
  • Cumulative GPA of 8.00 when considering both SSC and HSC results.

Unit B (Arts/Humanities):

  • Only students who took Humanities subjects in their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) can apply for this unit.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 (considering the fourth subject) in both SSC and HSC exams.
  • Cumulative GPA of 6.00 when considering both SSC and HSC results.

Unit C (Commerce/Business Studies):

  • This unit is open only to students who pursued Business Studies in their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 (including the fourth subject) in both SSC and HSC exams.
  • Total GPA of 6.50 when considering both SSC and HSC results.

GCE (General Certificate of Education)

  • IGCSE (O Level): Pass 5 subjects, with at least 3 B grades.
  • IAL (A Level): Pass 3 subjects, with at least 2 B grades.

GST Admission Test Marks Distribution

The admission test for GST programs is usually divided into different units, and each unit has its own unique marks distribution. Here's an example of how the marks might be distributed for different units:

Unit A (Science)

  • Physics: 25 marks
  • Chemistry: 25 marks
  • Mathematics: 25 marks
  • Biology: 25 marks
  • Bengali or English (choose one): 25 marks
  • English: 25 marks

Total Marks: 100

Time: 1 Hour


Physics and Chemistry exams are mandatory in the test.While Math and Biology tests are both required, you can choose only one. Alternatively, substitute either Math or Biology with a Bengali or English exam, completing your required four subjects (minimum). Remember, you have to complete four subjects, on the basis of your priority.

Unit B (Humanities)

  • Bengali: 35 marks
  • English: 35 marks
  • General Knowledge: 30 marks

Total Marks: 100

Time: 1 Hour

Unit C (Commerce)

  • Accounting: 35 marks
  • Business Organization and Management: 35 marks
  • Bengali: 15 marks
  • English: 15 marks

Total Marks: 100

Time: 1 Hour

GST Admission Notice for 2023-24 Session

The GST admission notice provides detailed information about the admission process, including important dates, eligibility criteria, and application instructions. Make sure to follow every step which is mentioned below. The GST admission application process for the academic year 2023-24 starts on February 12, 2024. Check out the current session notice from below.

GST Admission Deadline

The application process for General Science and Technology (GST) admission test for the academic year 2023-24 will start on 12 February 2024 and conclude on 26 February 2024 . Candidates have to submit their applications during this period. It's important to mark your calendar and ensure you complete all necessary steps within the given timeframe.

GST Admission Important Dates

  • Application Open: 12 February 2024
  • Application Deadline: 26 February 2024
  • Application Fee: 1500 Taka
  • Admit Card: Details to be announced

Stay updated and make sure to meet these key dates for a successful GST admission process. For applications, visit

GST Admission Test Dates 2023-24

GST admission tests are scheduled separately for each unit. Please take note of the following GST Admission Test Dates:

  • Science Group (Unit-A): Admission Test Date - 27 April 2024
  • Humanities Group (Unit-B): Admission Test Date - 03 May 2024
  • Business Studies Group (Unit-C): Admission Test Date - 10 May 2024