NU Honours Admission Circular 2023-24

Updated: Feb 13, 2024

National University of Bangladesh has officially announced the NU Honours Admission Circular for the academic year 2023-24. As per the circular, the online primary application process will start on January 22, 2024, and will remain open until February 11, 2024. Interested students are required to complete their application forms through the National University's official website. Additionally, the payment of the application fee is to be made via mobile banking.

This post aims to provide complete details regarding the National University Honours Admission Circular 2024, including key dates, the application process, and other relevant information.

NU Honours Admission Circular 2023-24

The National University of Bangladesh has put their admission circular on their website, Based on the circular, here are the main details:

  • Online Application Starts: January 22, 2024
  • Online Application Ends: February 11, 2024
  • Application Fee: 350 BDT
  • Payment Method: Mobile Banking
  • Last Date of Payment: February 12, 2024
  • Class Start: March 10, 2024

Nu Admission Requirements

Meeting the eligibility criteria is essential for applicants to qualify for admission.

  1. Eligible applicants for the National University Honours Admission Circular 2023 include those who passed the SSC or equivalent exam in 2020 and 2021, as well as the HSC or equivalent exam in 2022 and 2023.
  2. To qualify, students must obtain a minimum GPA of 3.00 (with the inclusion of the fourth subject) in both the SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent exams.
  3. The Total of GPA in both SSC and HSC should be 7.0
  4. Applicants should also ensure they are no older than 22 years.

NU Honours Admission Dates

Here are the updated details for the National University of Bangladesh's admission process:

  • Application Starts: January 22, 2024
  • Payment Dates: From January 23 to February 12, 2024
  • Primary Application Form Collection Dates: From February 23 to March 13, 2024
  • Pay Slip Download Dates: From February 15 to February 22, 2024

Application Process of NU Honors Admission

To apply for admission to the National University, students should visit the official website: Application Process Overview:

  1. Visit the link:
  2. Click on the "Apply Now" button.
  3. Once you've clicked "Apply Now," proceed to fill in all the required document in the following steps:
  • Step 1: Provide information about your SSC, HSC, or equivalent qualifications.
  • Step 2: Enter your education details and personal information.
  • Step 3: Choose your college and select your preferred subjects.
  • Step 4: Indicate your desired quota, if applicable.
  • Step 5: Upload a recent photo as per the specified guidelines.
  1. After completing the admission form, ensure to save the applicant copy for your records.

Payment method of NU Honors application fee

We have clarified the payment method of the National University Honors admission application fee below.

  1. After filling out the application form, make sure to sign and date it.
  2. Pay the preliminary application fee of 300/- ( Three hundred Taka) .Submit this fee to your college either through prescribed mobile banking or directly.
  3. All applicants' preliminary application forms will be confirmed online by the college. You will be notified through a message.

NU Honours Admission Circular Download

It's great that you have both an image and a PDF version of the admission circular for the National University of Bangladesh. To apply correctly, make sure you carefully go through all the details in the circular. You can choose to download either the image or the PDF version for your convenience. Remember to check the key dates, application process, fee details, and any other important information mentioned in the circular. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask. Good luck with your application!